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 WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards

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How do I get an award?

Awards are given out by admins only. They are given out at their sole discretion. You cannot get an award by asking for one via PM. There may be a thread in Site News and Feedback section for nominating yourself for one, but do not PM staff about it. Awards are only occasionally given out.

Can I create a thread to nominate myself or another member for an award?

No. Do not make any threads to nominate or suggest the granting of an award. If an official thread already exists you can post in it but that's it. Do not make a new thread for that purpose.

What are awards for?

Awards are simply a way for admins to show recognition to a member. The award itself normally has a special meaning attached to it. You can view the reason an award was given by going to a members profile then clicking their award's details. The awards page also displays meanings for each award.

Types of Awards:

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards ?img=251384242107 WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards ?img=271384242175
WhiteHat Respected

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal020

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal006

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal016

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal003

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal001
The Thinker

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal014

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal010
Good User

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal018

WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards Medal008
Good Poster
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WhiteHat CyberArmy Awards
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