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 Finding Vulnerable Site By Country Code Method

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PostSubject: Finding Vulnerable Site By Country Code Method    Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:53 pm

Country Codes

* Finding Vuln SQLI sites via country code:
inurl:*.php?id= site:RU
This will search for Russian sites with the site: dorkand look for pages with ANYTHING.php?id=
* Targeting Specific Sites:
This helps decrease the time it takes to find a vuln rather than looking manually through the whole site.
inurl:**.php?id= site: http://www.target.com
The BIG stuff:
As you may have guessed, yes this will look for Israel Government sites with ANYTHING .php?id= in the URL.
Dont forget you can change **.php?id= to any of your favorite dorks like**.php?catid= etc..
.gov inurl:**.php?id= site:IL

Yes this was short and sweet but very helpful for beginners and those who are looking for new sites to hack. Get creative with your dorks.
Might Get a hit on a high profile site, use your imagination
intitle:Satellite Operations inurl:**.php?id= site:.gov.ru
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Finding Vulnerable Site By Country Code Method
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